Who is 852hk?

i just want to make people happy ☺️☺️

852 is the area code of Hong Kong! 852hk is me, born in Hong Kong
here talks about handsome cute guys, LGBT news, and boy’s love

我是 852hk,出生於香港

About 852hk.com

Yet, there is still no comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation on the grounds of sexual orientation in Hong Kong, and even the system here is not accepting lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT)! Schools still teach pupils that only one types of families exist. In the real world, there are different families, which of course includes LGBT families!

In fact, not just Hong Kong, but in many Asia countries, LGBT are still not been accepted, most of the news just covers the bad news of gays! This is one of the reasons why we need a LGBT website in Asia! So, I launched this website 852hk.com on 20th May 2020. My website talks about handsome, talented cute guys, provide LGBT news, and Boy’s Love benefits. Besides, my website also be able to use technology to promote and improve the LGBT development in Hong Kong!

當看見香港很多制度仍不接納 gay 的同志議題,仍然只灌輸一些他們以為正常的思想,為何從小就要灌輸一男一女結婚的意識,這世界很大的,不應只灌輸一種意識!例如不結婚就不結婚、不生小孩子就不生吧、男生喜歡男生咪就喜歡男生,其實最重要對自己誠實吧!

其實不只在香港,在亞洲很多地方仍不接納同性戀議題,而且新聞也只是報道同志的負面新聞! 所以我覺得亞洲地區絕對需要一個為同性戀 LGBT 發聲的網站!本網站 852hk.com 是環峰堂的程式網站,誕生在2020年5月20日,談論英俊有才華的可愛男生,報導同性戀新聞以及提供腐男腐女BL福利,而且更重要是能夠運用科技促進及完善香港的 LGBT 發展!

852hk論壇也即日上線,更首次推出 eBars & eClubs 功能,讓不敢在酒吧直接識朋友,可以網上講!而且相信很多香港人有機會移民外地,852hk論壇更提供香港人在海外的討論功能,方便香港人在世界各地任何國家也可以認識當地的 gay friends 及新朋友!而且不用註冊也可留言的~ 香港區朋友更可用分區模式認識 gay friends 呢!


Nice to meet you, my name is 852hk
Founder and CEO at DaXxX GrouP
i luv cars, tech, cycling & digital

If you want to work together
E-mail: ceo@852hk.com

About me

Danny Cheng aka 852hk (Founder and CEO at DaXxX GrouP) established first website fungfung.net in 1997, the response was an overwhelming success from the public and the website have been interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and publicised by Apple Daily (蘋果日報)! After graduated from United Kingdom, 852hk worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC); American Express; Hutchison Whampoa; LexisNexis etc. In year 2003, established DaXxX GrouP, focus on radio podcast and e-commerce; then started DaxFC.com in year 2017, the web platform with digital video contents; and 852hk.com in year 2020, the website talks about handsome cute boys, LGBT news, and boy’s love in Asia.

  • Expert in web project and content management, with good logical and analytical thinking
  • Fully integrate with the web industry with 20+ years of experience, started to build website since 1997
  • Fast learner with strong problem-solving skills ability to acquaint with new technology in a short period of time

Vision, mission and positioning

I just want to make people happy, wanna build better website and web platform for people; We need LGBT friendly technology companies here in Hong Kong to help LGBT community.

為全亞洲 LGBT 同性戀群組建立一個最大型的網站,創造為人類變得更好的建設~

Proposed Products / Services

I would like to start from the website with forum functions, then start with video productions and create the YouTube Channel; In the future, the website will use technology to promote and improve the LGBT development in Hong Kong, planning to use the open data and build the heat map for LGBT community, people can found out where are the popular gay spot area right now

Future Plans

  • Create video contents
  • Create 852hk’s YouTube Channel
  • Hire Web content supervisor
  • Hire Video Editor / Producer
  • Hire Web programmer
  • Use the open data and build the heat map for LGBT community
  • Use technology to build physical stores, like coffee shop & clubs! Website members can enjoy discount and check-in to website when they arrive the shops and chat with others online